Nous n’avons pas pris la peine de traduire vu les réponses très succinctes de Pete Jacobs. Certains athlètes sont un peu moins disponible que d’autres … pourtant il a le temps de s’amuser vu son Facebook…..

2012 Ironman World Championship


Ok they are done. So close to Kona I can not go into any more details. I am focusing on the race.

 Why do you choose to race in Kona ?

because I want to be the best in the world.

How was your year with the KPR ?

not a problem because I won last year i have plenty of points.

What do you think about KPR ?


When will you arrive in Kona ?

2nd oct.

What experience do you have in Kona ( number of participations, best place…) ?

1 DNF, 6 finishes.  4 x top 10.  (more details on my website)

How do you feel just a few days before ?


What is the most difficult in this race ?

passing the long line of riders without getting stuck beside someone too long and risking a penalty.

What is your goal this year in Kona ?

To improve my performance on last year.

Do you plan something for the race day ?


Who do you think will be on the podium the 12th october (men and women) ?

no comment.


Pete Jacobs

Australian Professional Triathlete

Hawaii Ironman World Champion 2012

 twitter – @petejjacobs

youtube – petejjacobs