Coming up Monday 9th: On Cloudsurfer 2014

In a few days we will be launching the new Cloudsurfer 2014. The Cloudsurfer has undergone technical modifications and will be available for women in Dawn/Lavender and for men in Sky/Mandarin from 9th December on. Stay tuned if you want to be amongst the first ones to secure a new Cloudsurfer as this year’s present.


Made for training and competition

Equipped with On’s patented CloudTec®, the new On Cloudsurfers remain as light, agile and effective in converting running energy into forward momentum, both in training and competition. It combines a soft landing and an explosive pushoff that is usually only experienced on a genuine running track.

Adaptive sole trains the running muscles

“The adaptive sole balances every pace and truly trains the running muscles,” explains Olivier Bernhard, the multiple Ironman champion and Co-Founder of On. “The On Cloudsurfer really does encourage its wearer to adopt a more efficient running style and greater body stability ».