Danemark – 30 ans


Why do you choose to race in Kona ?

 Kona are the race you have to do ! Everyone is hère !


How was your year with the KPR ?

 I got some good points last year in Kona with my 12 place. I did race Ironman Cozumel and Ironman Los Cabos early sp my qualification was safe early on !


What do you think about KPR ?

 I think it’s fine! Difficult for new ones to get into the race because they are already behind!


When will you arrive in Kona ?

 I did arrive in Kona 3 weeks before the race…


How do you feel just a few days before ?

 You’re always nervous before a race and Kona is no exception. But it’s important to control your nerves and use it on race day for something positive….


What is the most difficult in this race ?

 You have to hold back and be patience! Do not give it full SPEED at the beginning and believe in it all the way! Everything can happen in the Lava fields…


What is your goal this year in Kona ?

 I’m defiantly aiming for at top 10 ! Nothing less—


Do you plan something for the race day ?



Who do you think will be on the podium the 12th october (men and women) ?

 Sebastian, Andreas and Crowie

 Caroline, Rachel and ME 😉 😉