La Partie natation de l’IM de Cozumel a été réduite à cause des conditions difficiles !

Nouveau parcours:


« Dear Ironman competitor: After a few days with strong winds and changing conditions throughout the day, the port authorities and the Ironman Cozumel organizing committee have agreed that the swim portion of the race will have to be modified in order to make it safer for all competitors. Weather conditions tomorrow morning are expected to be similar to this morning and will calm down during the day. The swim length will be shortened slightly ( to 3.1km, 1.94miles) and the race start will be moved north in order to swim with the current and not against it. The new swim course map is attached and the new start instructions are as follows.
All competitors shall arrive to Chankanaab Park as per the normal transition area times. At 6:15am all competitors will leave the transition area and will board the buses lined up outside TA to take them to the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental where the start will take place. Only competitors will be allowed to board the buses and enter the hotel premises. Spectators are encouraged to stay in Chankanaab park as they will not be able to see the race start.
Athletes should only take their goggles and their swim caps to the start, nothing else, as there will not be an additional baggage storage area in the Hotel. Upon exiting the buses you will find last minute portable toilets in case you need them as a last chance. After that you will walk 200m to the hotel entrance and be directed immediately to the swim start corral on the beach where you will wait for the start. Swim warm up will not be allowed.
It will be an in water start, waist deep, at 7:00am for all age groups. Elite pro athletes will start at 6:40am. The swim course will be well monitored by a reinforced support plan and reference buoys will be placed along the entire course every 100 meters. Competitors must remain between the buoys and the shore at all times, keeping all buoys on their right shoulder, except for the first and final turn buoys.
The swim exit will be the same in Chankanaab Park and from there the rest of the competition will be as planned.
These changes are made for everyone’s safety and we appreciate your understanding of these unforeseen circumstances, however we are positive your Ironman experience will be memorable.
Good luck to everyone! »

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