Challenge Melbourne, Challenge Forster et Challenge Bateman’s Bay sur distance half avec un prize money de de plus de AUD$30,000 (23.000€)

Felix Walchshöfer, le grand parton de Challenge :

Australia is an extremely important part of the world for us, we have received messages from athletes every day asking us when we will be back and I’m delighted to announce our return with three very different, but all equally compelling races,” … “Challenge Forster continues our commitment to the legacy of our sport with its strong roots in Australian triathlon, Challenge Bateman’s Bay has been chosen for its great location and athlete experience while Challenge Melbourne brings the Challenge Family to one of Australia’s iconic cities. We are very proud to work with all the communities and race organisers to bring a new triathlon experience to Australian athletes.”

Chris McCormack soutien ce projet :

Challenge Family is all about bringing triathlon back to its roots, where you meet the people behind the event, where you’re welcomed across the finish line by them and where you are truly made to feel that you share the same passion. I’m beyond excited that Challenge is back in Australia and can’t wait to be part of Challenge Family on my home turf.”

Challenge Melbourne aura lieu le 2 février 2014dans la bayside suburb de Sandringham et l’on verra la fameuse Beach Road et la course à pied longera la baie.

Le Challenge Forster aura lieu entre Forster et Tuncurry le 24 novembre 2013, et verra le retour de Jurgen Zack et Peter Reid.

Le Challenge Bateman’s Bay aure lieu le 16 mars 2014.

Cela monte à 21 le nombre de courses Challenge à travers le Monde : Allemagne, Autriche, Canada, France, UK, Espagne, Italie, Danemark, NZ,Thaïlande et Taiwan.

 Ouverture des inscriptions pour les 3 épreuves le vendredi 10 mai: